Digital Duchamp

Video frame capture

Digital Duchamp or ‘Found VHS Tapes’ is a tumblr based blog acting as a cache all male VHS porn from the 80s and 90s I have been digitising for some time now.

My obsession with VHS noise and glitch began when I was collaborating with Robert Carter for the exhibition #UsedParts. Since then I started collecting VHS tapes from friends on Facebook and elsewhere, wanting to see what comes of it.

The blog is mainly a dump-of-sorts, sifting then uploading some of the glitchy/noisy stuff that are coming through in the digitisation process, along with some VHS pixillations, static as well as noise and frame shifts.

There’s a mesmerising tension, an anticipation of a shift in the looping process of GIFs, as well as an elegance in the noise/glitch visualisations of the transcoder while processing from the magnetic VHS tape to DV format that immediately draw you in. More information on the About page of the blog. Mostly NSFW.

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