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  • Digital Duchamp

    Video frame capture

    Digital Duchamp or ‘Found VHS Tapes’ is a tumblr based blog acting as a cache all male VHS porn from the 80s and 90s I have been digitising for some time now. My obsession with VHS noise and glitch began when I was collaborating with Robert Carter for the exhibition #UsedParts. Since then I started […]

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  • Mnemonic/Mimetic


    ‘Mnemonic-Mimetic’ is a 4.8 by 1.8m wall collage, commissioned by Maidment Theatre, University of Auckland. I had the pleasure to work on this project from 15-18th of November, using old posters from shows staged on their premises. Photos by Kim Annan and some progress photos at the end of my rationale.

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  • #MforMusculine

    Along with the increased interconnectivity and constant exposure to mass-media’s visibly gendered and sexual representations of the human body, male physique is being (re)moulded. New masculinities are relying on cultural and social capital to embody the neo-hipster and the sporno in an effort to verify their offline lives. As a result they’re experiencing what women […]

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  • #299c399d at 25%

    A couple of days ago my ‘299 collages/399 days’ page on Facebook reached 299 likes and I crossed 25% mark of the project. After more than 75 posts (and still more than 200 to go) I still get nervous, anxious and worried as I scan to post.